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Tokyo’s very first hall designed specifically for concerts, Suntory Hall was completed in the fall of 1986 under the concept, “Pursuing the world’s most beautiful sound.” This year the hall celebrates its 30th anniversary. Designed in the vineyard style to bring the performers and audience together and set the stage for a unique live music experience, only the finest materials have been carefully selected in the floor, walls, ceiling and seats of Main Hall, making the hall itself a magnificent musical instrument. The concert organ in Main Hall is one of the world’s largest, comprising 5,898 pipes. Please join us at Suntory Hall for performances by many of the top artists from all over the world.
Basic information Main Hall: 2,006 seats
Blue Rose Hall(Small Hall): 384 seats / 432 seats / 380 seats
Performance Schedule ・ Ticket information Please visit our website to view the performance schedule.
Please contact Suntory Hall Ticket Center at 0570-55-0017 with performance-related inquiries.
※This phone number is for domestic calls only.
※For international orders or inquiries from abroad, please call +81-3-3584-4402.


Suntory Hall’s Main Hall can itself be considered a magnificent musical instrument (resonance chamber). The late Herbert von Karajan, a world-renowned conductor and actively advised during the construction of the hall, remarked upon its completion that “I was extremely impressed with the acoustics. It is truly a jewel box of sound.” Even the gentle notes of the most delicate pianissimo waft their way into every nook and cranny, thanks to superior design and the selection of only the finest materials for the guest seating, floor, walls, ceiling and performer seating dedication to craftsmanship extends into the foyer, with the lavish illumination provided by the chandelier named “Symphony of Light: Hibiki (sound)”, and the stained glass installation, “Ritsu” (rhythm). We look forward to seeing you at Suntory Hall.

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1-13-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku,Tokyo


Ginza line to Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 13, 7-minute walk from ticket gate
Namboku line to Tameike-sanno Station, Exit 13, 10-minute walk from ticket gate
Namboku line to Roppongi-itchome Station, Exit 3, 5-minute walk

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